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Photo: Spirit Blue – 120x140 cm – acrylic on canvas

Silkwood Antiques

Dirk Smorenberg is one of the Netherlands’ few Art Deco painters. 

The self-taught artist initially lived and worked in Alkmaar and Bergen. Like his friend Dirk Filarski he was influenced by the Swiss expressionist Ferdinand Hodler.

After a period of wandering with Filarski through Europe and the United States, Smorenberg settled in Oud-Loosdrecht in 1924, where his work took a different turn. He painted figures and flowers but more particularly decorative landscapes that were inspired by his Noord-Holland surroundings, a province abounding in water.

Dirk Smorenberg(1883-1960)

Olieverf op linnen,120x100 cm 

Gedateerd 1922 en gesigneerd