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Photo: Spirit Blue – 120x140 cm – acrylic on canvas

SmithDavidson Gallery


Journey – Frank van der Meijden, Fede Bianchi, Willem van Weeghel & Zhuang Hong Yi

This exhibition brings together the work of four artist who all work in different media, from photography to kinetic art.


The colourful work of Zhuang Hong Yi tells the story of the artist’s journey from China to Europe. By way of contrast, Fede Bianchi’s latest work Body Mandalas focuses on the influence the West exerts on indigenous cultures. Frank van der Meijden’s critical and often humorous observations of our culture travel through time as he ranges various cultural historical references alongside one another in a naïve and almost childlike manner that is immediately recognizable. All the works contain a meditative element, inviting the viewer on a simultaneous inward journey.


Willem van Weeghel’s kinetic works are entrancing. A moment of peace!



Especially for the Arts&Antiques Weekend the cabaret artist and presenter Viggo Waas will conduct a Q&A session with the Dutch artist Frank van der Meijden on Sunday 29 September. The Q&A is scheduled for  11.30 am to 12.30 pm on Sunday and will be conducted in Dutch.


Frank van der Meijden, gemengde techniek
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