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Photo: Spirit Blue – 120x140 cm – acrylic on canvas

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Colourful Delft Blue


Delft pottery is often referred to as Blue Delftware, but the pottery produced in Delft during the 17th and 18th centuries encompassed a far wider colour palette. In the 17th century, Delftware was produced in blue and white in imitation of Chinese porcelain, which was highly prized. But towards the end of the 17th century Delft pottery makers began making more colourful pieces.

Inspired by polychrome Eastern porcelain, Delft potters started to decorate their pieces in blue, red, gold and/or green colour combinations. At the same time, they experimented with the colours used for the ground. While the background colour was originally white, the potters later succeeded in using black, brown and blue. While these objects generally exude an Asian feel, the potters shifted focus from the mid-18th century and adopted a more European language of form. Tableware, figurines and animals were produced in a wide variety of colourways.

A standing swan, Delftware, circa 1690, height:17 cm