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Photo: Spirit Blue – 120x140 cm – acrylic on canvas

Galerie Lieve Hemel
Bye-bye, Art Purchasing Scheme 

Does the barge in the painting symbolise the world stage, full of sound, fury and imminent disaster? Or is it the boardroom of a bank fighting manfully to fend off collapse? I’ll leave that up to you. Suffice to say that this exhibition marks a premature commemoration of the Mondrian Fund’s soon to be axed Art Purchasing Scheme.


Until April 2020 art lovers can still make use of the scheme to take out a no-cost, interest-free loan of up to ™7,500 to purchase a work of art, to be paid back over a period of three years. Not only the works on show in this exhibition are eligible, but also all the paintings we have in stock. The only criterion is that the works come direct from the artist and have not been sold previously.


In a bid to add a positive note to this requiem for an art subsidy scheme, Gallery Lieve Hemel will gift each accepted applicant the required 10% down-payment.

Erik van der Esch
“Conference at Sea 2019"
olieverf/paneel, 61 x 80 cm